One thing that is nice about four year olds is that they are bold in love and quick to forgive and overlook flaws.  MG often tells me out of no where, “you are the best mommy I could ever have.  And I have the best daddy, and the best sister, ….”.  How could you not love something that gives you that kind of affirmation?

It’s not hard for me to picture MG as a teenager, much less an adult. One of her first words was “Baby” and when she, herself, was still a baby, she was cradling dolls in her arms and gazing at them lovingly at ten months old.  That tenderness has never waned.

Stella is still her favorite doll and a good source of comfort, accompanying her to church, school, and ushering her into dreamland every night.  I’m glad she’s still around and I hope she stays for a long time.

Bea is still changing and growing bigger every day.  At 29 months, she has not yet hit her terrible twos, or if we have, they have been far more peaceable than I imagined.  Lately she has picked up an annoying grunty whine when she wants something, but that’s about it.  We’ve soft-started with potty training, due to her own insistence (second children are so much easier) and her willingness to do anything for “Ghandi!” (candy).

With this growing into the next stage, she’s reverted back to some baby-tendencies lately, clinging fiercely to her paci and even crawling on all fours and asking to be rocked and sung ‘Sunshine” to.  MG delights in this and calls her “Baby Girl”, ordering her around, pretending to feed her bottles and putting her to bed.  This works out pretty well in my favor, so I’m not stopping it…yet.

She’s just now putting 2-3 words together in sentences but her vocabulary is rapidly expanding.  It’s hard to believe that when MG was her age, I was about one month away from having Bea.  I can’t imagine introducing a third baby into our house right now!

Bea still maintains a delightful ‘little” personality.  She is exuberant and sweet and joyful.  I’m so glad we chose “Beatrice” as part of her name because it means “she who makes happy”.  Even at her worse, she keeps a mischievous little smile on her face that is hard to stay mad at.

The girls are overall a delight and although they run me ragged some days, I am enjoying my time with them more and more as little humans.   It is especially helpful and an answer to prayer that their relationship is growing and they enjoy each other’s company so much.

Bea has held on to her good sleeper status, still taking up to three hour naps a day (MG had given them up for 5 months at Bea’s age).  This is one of the reasons I’ve held off on all the big milestones this year: paci weaning, potty training, and big girl bed sleeping.  I’m not eager to disrupt this ideal schedule we have fallen into.

MG is taking ballet again this fall and loves this more than any of the activities she’s ever been enrolled in.  We’ve been knee-deep in the princess phase for well over a year now.  No sign of that slowing down, as of yet.  We do have a 5th birthday coming up in a few weeks so hopes are high for some princess related gifts.

The other half of this duo is wishing that spritely, princess-loving 5 year olds will still adore their mommy just as much as spritely, princess-loving 4 year olds.



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