We are just a few days from celebrating a really big birthday, but I wanted to take a minute to update you on the other two sisters since they are currently passing milestones too.

I hit three months with Mayby2 this week.  I’m out of the first trimester and couldn’t be happier about it.  I’m anxious to feel her kicking (or at least confirm that what I’m feeling are kicks), but I’m also so relieved to be feeling nearly back to normal.  It really is true what they say about the second trimester; it is the honeymoon stage.  I’ve started on a few pieces of newborn clothing and ordered a professional snap setter (as it seems like most baby/kids clothes have snaps in them); I’m hoping this will help me in my clothes construction.

Bea turned 2.5 yesterday and she is just as two as ever.


Of my two, she is by far the more spirited, exuberant child.  I love her for this as I can appreciate many qualities she has that I lack.  As she approaches three, she is learning how to reign in her passion, when appropriate, and is otherwise easy-going and sweet.

She’s done with the paci (check), after the last remaining one broke a few weeks ago and we decided to pitch it before it became a choking hazard (mom’s thoughts).  Much to my surprise, although I shouldn’t have been given the above, it became a non-issue after the first night of sleep.  Just like her older sis, she quickly attached to her baby doll (hers is named Vella, as opposed to Stella) immediately after and does like to ensure that Vella always has her paci to sleep.

Potty training is underway (almost check), and I think she is possibly the easiest trainee on the planet. I did predict that the second one would be easier, but little did I realize how much easier when you have a highly motivated (by praise and candy) child and an older sister along for encouragement (who also gets praise and candy when little one is successful).

Big girl bed has not yet happened (no check) but we’ve soft started.  She starts out in the bed and we tell her she can stay ALL NIGHT LONG as long as she doesn’t get out of bed.  Oh is she excited to try but rarely does this last longer than a few minutes before we hear little footsteps clunking around to find us and whispers of “hi, mommy!” when she does.  As long as she keeps napping (which is starting to become iffy), I’m fine with this arrangement for now.

If I compare the two girls at this age (which I know, you’re not supposed to do), MG was much farther along in communication.  This is surprising, because MG was already a little behind her peers.  Bea has always been a little behind the curve in this but not to the point of concern.  She can say just about anything now to get her point across and is starting to form a few more complex sentences too.  Her talking is very enthusiastic (and she came with a built-in politeness meter, so it seems) that it is very endearing.  “Thank you, Mommy, thank you, Daddy, thank you, Sissy.” She will say in succession until she has landed on the right person.  She will repeat this until you acknowledge her too.

Her baby doll play has really grown in the past month and she loves changing their clothes, keeping them fed, and every time we walk out the door, it seems she must bring along her baby in a car seat, along with a diaper bag full of random…toys.

Bea’s favorite people are all the men in our family: Daddy (first of course), Papa, Gampy, and Uncle Joel.  She is a daddy’s girl through and through.

Thank you for the encouragement on my last post.  I did not mean to make it seem as though I am considering giving up my writing (although I am only one more computer issue away….just kidding, sort of).  The thoughts are just coming to me a little more slowly and I do find I enjoy the immediacy of Instagram more and more.

When I was in college I took a few painting classes to fulfill my art requirements.  I distinctly remember taking an oil painting class and sharing with my mom (who I knew would relate) that I, for the duration of that class, viewed the world in how to translate it into a painting.

In other words, I would look at a tree and think about what colors I would blend to create the perfect color and how to get the shading just right, and what texture to use for the bark.  These thoughts would come to me freely all day every day, with or without a palette in front of me.

Now it seems I go back and forth between viewing everything through the lens of a seamstress and a writer, whatever is more forefront on my brain.  I look at clothes construction in a whole new way, thinking about how to solve various problems I’m having or to create something new.

Similarly, my writer’s brain is most often turned on when I am reading a good book and have quiet time to think.  I translate my day into short snippets that I think would look appealing on a page and harmonize in the brain.  I hope as I let Sweet Mama Makes float away, I will free up more “thinking space” to do this.


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  1. Dee Kijanko
    November 20, 2015 at 4:00 am (2 years ago)

    Dear dear Kate,
    Oh how I enjoy your pen and your heart! I was so much like you in that season of my life. A pen so close by, and a sewing machine! I too loved to create and decorate my sweet home. We love you and Nate and yours…and I look forward to feeling like we still are in your life when reading about your life. I feel often as if I am going back in time and I smile with warm recollections.
    Hello and our love to your Bea’s favorite guys…daddy and that special gramps we think is pretty special too! Keep picking up your pen!
    Much love,


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