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Five years!  Wow that is a big one.  It makes me a little sad if I think about it too long; but the truth is, this year is one of the best we have spent together, so I can only imagine they go up from here!

MG has blossomed into a kind, encouraging, sensitive, generous, little lady.  She is a typical first born female, wanting to be grown up and taken seriously.

She is very intuned to the needs of myself and Bea and is quick to offer help or advice depending on the situation.  I have seen her heart turned toward giving this year, as she is earning a little bit of money now and is quick to offer it to others, along with her toys, dress up clothes, and whatever other possessions she holds near.  Bea is far from a great playmate, but MG gives her many allowances and forgives many an infraction upon her “rules” ☺️.

She notices things around the house that are new or new clothes and is very quick with a compliment.  She is always watching Bea for new progress and loves to tell me about it so we can both cheer her on.

The tidal wave of emotions we have seen, mostly over years 2 and 3 are mostly gone.  As she gets older, she has learned to reign in her feelings and I have seen some great maturity in her this year.

This was the first year she requested something for her birthday: a palace pets castle.  Yes she is still very much into princesses and pink.  She has always had an active imagination but it has developed even more this year as she tells “stories” every night before falling asleep, most of them involving princesses in the plot line (not that I’m supposed to be listening, so don’t tell?)

Also this year has brought us:

-Dairy free and so much healthier

-Starting preschool and writing her name very well

-Making new friends

-getting her first pet(s), teacup 1 and 2

-learned a lot about death, both in losing teacup and also with some family members

This upcoming year also promises some big things on the horizon:

– kindergarten

-new sister

-reading (I can’t wait for this milestone!)

-starting piano lessons (as soon as we can nail down a teacher!)

-we hope to introduce more of the “harder” concepts from the Bible as she grows in her understanding

For some reason I have been especially nostalgic this year, at this time, thinking about how special it was (although very stressful, don’t get me wrong ) to bring a baby into the world around the holidays.  As I reflect on that more I realize what a blessing that was, and especially for my firstborn.  It was a very tangible experience of the Christmas story.

I am so thankful for this girl that God chose for us to love and care for!  She is such a blessing and has changed our lives for the better.  May she have many more pink birthdays on the horizon!


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