Thanksgiving 2015 was a huge success.  

Well, for the most part.  

MG came down with a sudden high fever on Tuesday night that lasted for three days.  So she had to miss out on the festivities and we also had to cancel/rearrange some fun plans we had made for N’s time off work.  

But the most important part: the meal was saved.  It was so delicious and this year I wisened up and saved the menu so we could recreate it at will.  

The next day the virus struck Bea, and she got it all in her stomach, with a fever the following day.  Once again, it struck suddenly and rapidly.  N and I said our prayers and did every homeopathic trick to avoid it, but it caught us both on Sunday and hit us both differently too.  Bizarre.  Anyway, here’s to hoping we are fever, v&d free for the rest of the season! 

My pregnancy is still progressing well and I’ve reached over 17 weeks.  It amazes me how quickly this one is going, just like everyone said, but hard to believe.  I have an ultrasound scheduled for the 22nd and I’m praying everything looks well.  I’ve been feeling her move around for the past two weeks and what a wonderful feeling that is, especially during the worst of my illness.  

I’ve started a few sewing projects, like I’ve mentioned, but my snap maker got delayed until this month (hopefully?), and we’ve been busy with holiday prep, so all dedicated hobby time has slowed down some.  

The girls have been so good lately and especially when we are out and about at the million doctor appointments or running errands I imagine myself with another one, an infant no less, and think, “are you crazy?”  Why ruin this good thing you’ve got going on!

But I think about this family I used to know who had three girls.  They were all beautiful, and each one resembled the next.  The eldest was smart and artistic.  The middle was very musically inclined and very sweet natured.  And the third one was the hilarious baby of the family.  She had a magnetic personality.  Even before I wanted girls, I prayed that I would have three just like that.  For some reason I can’t stop thinking about this image and wonder if it holds any bearing into my future.


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