Well I’m just past 31 weeks* so that means it’s time for my highly anticpated/dreaded (depending what category you fall in) Baby Name Game!


I’ve actually done this with all three girls, but the first time (with MG’s name), it was via email to family.  (And you can read all of the clues leading up to Bea’s name reveal starting here.)

The reason I say anticipation/dread is because I already know there are mixed feelings about my little “game”.  I intentionally make the clues hard so that you won’t be able to guess Mayby’s real name.   The purpose is not to lead you on a treasure hunt to the name but just to land you in the right direction with a little bit of a backstory. There are no prizes and no winners.  The clues are vague.  But if you like baby names as much as me, and/or if you want a few hints as to what we will be naming her, feel free to play along!

These clues, I will say, have been the hardest set to write.  I’ll just go ahead and tell you that this name format is going to be very similar to our other two girls’ names. But rather than just repeating the same clues verbatim, I tried to sneak in a few more specific hints.  I actually think a few of you may be able to guess at least one of her names, based on these clues, or at least whittle it down very narrowly…but…that doesn’t mean I will tell you if you are correct!  I still love the anticipation and surprise of the name reveal, as mentioned here, and that’s the main reason we keep it a secret: it adds a touch of drama to our birth announcement that I greatly enjoy.

This time we have chosen not to tell the big girls in advance either.  They are constantly being asked about their little sister, as well as occasional questions about her name.  I don’t want MG to feel the pressure of keeping the secret until May and Bea is too little to know any better.  I will say that MG found one of the embroidered onesies recently and, not knowing what it was for, asked me what it said.  I read it to her and she said, “oh that’s a silly name!  Isn’t that a silly name?” so take that for what it’s worth: MG’s two cents on our chosen name.

I’ll be back with the first clue next week, (Wednesday?)  which should put us ending the game on May 18th, her given due date.  I’m secretly hoping I go early (maybe just a week?), both for the sake of my taxed body but also because I am struggling to finish out these clues without revealing too much but also having enough to say, ha!

Next week I’ll also start by telling you a story of how we landed on her final name; this time it was different than our other two, I will say, as we struggled with the process just a little bit.

All to be revealed in time, my friends,


* you may remember that the dr. and I disagree on my weekly measurements.  I’m going off of when I ovulated, she goes off of the traditional math.  I’m measuring 31.5 weeks and my earliest ultrasound lined up with this, but according to my due date, I’m instead 30.5 weeks. For ease, I am going to use the due date assigned to me but count my weeks as I see them more accurately measuring

Clue #1

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