Clue #2

With both N and me coming from educational backgrounds, we like and appreciate names that convey gender right off the bat.

That being said, I do realize we are bucking the trend a little bit in this; gender neutral names are very hot right now and names are increasingly becoming even more gender neutral (who would have thought James would be the next hot girl name??).

Clue #3: both her first and middle names will be very feminine

I can’t think of a time in history when either of these names were given to males, (unless you include those strange times back a hundred years ago when 4 males were named Mary and 6 females were named Joseph, inexplicably).  That being said, you never know when the next Caitlyn is going to be the new Jacob.

Bonus hint: we almost changed our traditionally feminine history with one of our vetoed choices: it was given to males more so than females in the span of history.


Clue #4

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