Clue #3

The other day, MG came home from school and told some stories on her friends.  She was cracking up because there is a girl in her class named Lillie and ALSO a girl in another class named Lilly.  Whenever they see each other in the hallway, they call each other Silly Lilly.  I thought it was a cute story, but then she continued to say, “Someday, I’ll have another MG in my class and we will do that too!”.  She seemed so hopeful, and yet so naive, that I couldn’t burst her bubble just yet.

The fact is we’ve only met a handful of other MG’s and most of them are white-haired. The only time we met a school-aged one was at a Chick-fil-a in Chattanooga.

For better or worse, we like unique names.  But more so than that, we like to give our girls fairly common or classic full names with a more unique or rare nickname.

Clue #4: Just like her sisters, this baby will be called almost exclusively by her nickname

N and I coincidentally both go by our nicknames and we like the diversity this lends to our girls as well.  Their given names are mostly classic and could read Presidential or CEO, but their nicknames help them wear something cute and frilly while they are young.  If they decide to later go by their legal name or even modify their nickname, then the option is theirs.

Bonus hint: Tired of commonly mixing up our girls’ nicknames, we sought to give this baby a name that DOESN’T end in -a.

Clue #5

1 Comment on Baby Name Game, Clue #4: Old Saint Nickname

  1. Sherry
    April 11, 2016 at 5:16 pm (2 years ago)

    Yeah! The name doesn’t end in -a. We mix them up often and work hard not to. Grandparents: Mike and Sherry


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