Clue #8

Here we are, one day before my calculated due date, and no sign of baby!  I honestly didn’t think we would go this distance with this one, but it looks like we are well on our way to the 18th of May or beyond.  Today I detailed the house, went for a morning walk with friends (and plan to go again with the fam tonight), will have spicy chicken enchiladas for dinner, and I’m bouncing on my ball all the live long day.

With all of the Braxton Hicks I’m having, I’ve been told that it’s a sign my body is ready but the baby is not.  I don’t think she’s engaged yet, so that makes sense.  But….I’m really hoping to get this show on the road soon and avoid induction if at all possible.  (Part of me thinks she may just be holding out for my parents to arrive—Friday).  Third baby and already proving to be our wildcard.

But on to the clue…as I’ve mentioned in just about every clue, we are going to give this baby a nickname.  Names that lend themselves well to nicknames tend to be mouthfuls, and this one is no exception.

Clue #9: this baby’s full name will be a complete10 syllables long (not including our last name)

MG got “blessed” with 9, Bea with 10, and this baby is following in their footsteps

Bonus hint: Just like our other two girls, this baby will be mostly called by a TWO-SYLLABLE nickname.

Clue #10

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