Happy Birthday, Bea!!!


(picture credit: Kimmy Howard Photography)

Three years ago we were shocked and excited to meet you on your due date.  Now we are anticipating a new little family member to be joining us soon and bumping you up the ranks of Big Sister (secretly, I’m glad you didn’t get a little sister for your birthday ;))

This year we have seen some HUGE changes in you.  You were barely talking one year ago on your second birthday, and now you are speaking in sentences and adding new vocabulary every day.  As your communication has gotten better, so has your relationship with MG.  The two of you have become fast friends and you often go to her first for comfort (over Daddy or me).  She is very accommodating of you (most of the time) and is happy to act as a mother figure to you whenever you allow it.

You have also accomplished two other huge milestones: giving up your paci and potty training.  Both of these things you surprised me with how easy-going you were and remained for the duration.  I don’t know if I’ve ever met such a good-natured child as yourself and it’s something I thank God for often.

You love princesses (I’m not sure where this love was first sparked ;)), pajamas, books, singing, and imitating MG.  You would rather leave the house than stay home all day, and you’re a bit fickle with some foods but you will never turn down chocolate.

Beatrice means “bringer of joy”.  I love this name for many reasons but I was happy to incorporate it into our family because our family verse is “The Lord has done great things for us and we are filled with JOY”  Psalm 126:3   I’m happy to say you have lived up to this meaning in a very literal way.  You have brought so much joy to our family; both by your gentle presence but also by your intentional efforts to do so.  My mental image of you is one with shiny eyes and a big smile on your face, scanning the room to see if everyone has heard the joke you just told.

Year four will bring the beginning of knowledge (preschool/Bea school), transitioning away from naps, and seeing you blossom more into the roles God gave you in our family: daughter & sister (both little and big).

You have brought so much delight to my heart and I am happy to call you mine!



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