One week ago, on May 23, 2016, our third born daughter entered the world at 3:56pm.


Much to our surprise (after the routine ultrasound the week prior that measured her at 6lbs, 13ozs), she tipped the scales at 9lbs, 2os, and 21″ long.  She is our biggest baby by almost 1/2 a pound but considering that I believed her to be 11 days late, I was expecting her to be over 9 pounds (well up until that ultrasound!)

For the first time ever, my mom was in town for the birth and was able to keep the girls for us while we were in the hospital.  The moment they heard she was born, they hopped in the car and headed our way.  That is one good thing about having your baby in the afternoon vs. the middle of the night (my other two).  We were able to see all of our family the same day she was born and then go to bed!

The girls were quiet and wide-eyed when they came in.  They wanted to know her name (MG still thinks it’s a little silly), and wanted to hold her right away.  When Sibs started crying, Bea wasn’t sure what to think and covered her ears saying the baby was hurting them.  Such a sweet moment to witness as a mom, when everything comes full circle.

While Mom and N went to get dinner from the cafeteria, MG stayed back with me and watched them put Sibs’s first diaper on and give her a shot.  She never took her eyes off the baby and had a ton of questions.

The girls have really adjusted well to having her home (no doubt it helps that we’ve had family around until today so they’ve had lots of extra attention!).  MG is still very intrigued by her and motherly towards her.  She will lay by Sib and watch her for thirty minutes or more.  She also asks to hold her often and is a very good helper with just about anything I need.

Bea is less intrigued by her but also not negatively affected by her presence.  She keeps me informed when Sib is crying (I think it still hurts her ears).  She also randomly runs over and tries to tickle her, but that is about the extent.  I had a feeling Bea would be a wonderful middle child.  She is so even-keeled that the newest upset to the family dynamics barely registers on her radar.

This week with our newest member has been sweet and blissful.  Sib has been an angel newborn so far and there is not a thing I think could be better.  She reminds me so much of Bea in her mannerisms and shares her looks with both girls in this first week but I know she will soon develop her own character traits (and hopefully I will stop calling her Bea!)

Tomorrow is my first day flying solo with the girls and I don’t dread it at all.  Having my family in town really set us up with a clean house, good meals, and lots of entertainment for the girls.  The house got cleaned again today and we have hot meals coming for the next few weeks.


(I’m pretty sure this is exactly how she was posed in utero)

I’m not calculating how much (or little) sleep I’m getting at night and just enjoying my only time to be alone with her.  I count it a win that she sleeps some in her bassinet (and the rest in my arms).

As much as I wanted this baby to come earlier, it is clear to me that she is easier for the wait.  Her size helps her sleep and eat well and be all around good-natured.  The timing worked out really well with my mom being in town, celebrating Bea’s birthdayMG’s preschool graduation/dance recital (I didn’t have to miss any of them!), and of course N going into the summer which means a much more relaxed schedule and finally being done with his coursework.

My recovery has been, once again, as easy as can be expected (thanks, in part, to the huge load lifted by my family and N!).  I rejoiced when all of the swelling finally went down this week and I think you will understand my pregnancy woes when I tell you that one week post-partum and I’m down 30lbs (I think half of that was water!).  Part of the huge amount of fluid goes into her birth story which I hope to share soon, as well as her name blog.



But right now, I’ve got three hungry girls waiting to be fed!


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  1. Granny
    May 30, 2016 at 9:57 pm (2 years ago)

    These photos are precious!!!


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