Ten years ago on July 22, 2006, under a beautiful St. Louis sky, we said, “I do!”


(I know my wedding dress was plain, but I picked it knowing I would still look back on it with love ten years later.  And I do.  I still love it to this day.)


Ten years is a big one and it’s hard to imagine us as shiny newlyweds on that day, full of hopes and dreams.  This year, more than ever, so many have come true.

In ten years we’ve had three babies, lived in four houses (soon to be five!), and had six jobs between us.  We’ve traveled, cooked, done house projects, fought (mostly when doing house projects), budgeted, and created a sweet little life together.

One particular anniversary, our seventh one, is particularly meaningful because N accepted his job in Marion on that day.  We didn’t know it then, but it would kick us off on an adventure to moving back to Upland and then give him the experience he would need to get the next one.


On that anniversary, we had a two month old Bea and now today, we have a nearly two month old Sibby who had the pleasure of accompanying us on our ten year anniversary Germantown progressive dinner.

My sister actually brainstormed the idea with us in the pool at Rosemary beach and then she and N ironed out the details.  We went to Silo for appetizers (deviled eggs! smoked oyster dip!), 5th & Taylor for soup/salad (lobster chowder), and Germantown Cafe for the main course (filet with mashed potatoes and jalapeno creamed sweet corn).  Oh my goodness, were we stuffed by the end, but it was worth every bite.  The best part was all of these restaurants were in the same strip so we walked to each and the entire meal took us about three hours, start to finish.

It’s a good thing we had so much to catch up on after being apart the whole week!

For dessert, he went to Vegan Vee’s and purchased a delicious gluten free cake.  My parents kept the older girls while we spent the night downtown.  I ended up booking through Hotwire and got a great deal.  When we got there, with the mention of our anniversary and a little “incentive”, they upgraded us to the $400/night suite and brought up champagne…sweet!

For our ten year anniversary, I had a imagined a big trip, perhaps to Europe, or maybe a vow renewal ceremony at our schoolhouse.  This was nothing nearly so grand or memorable, but it was perfect, for us, for now.

Happy decade, babe!





2 Comments on Happy Ten!

  1. Nate
    July 26, 2016 at 8:56 pm (1 year ago)

    Life it seems has yet to turn out as we expected, however it has yet to not be worthwhile with you. I love us and the life GOD is crafting for you and I. 10 years now and a whole lot of till death do us part. I love you girl.

  2. Mandy
    July 26, 2016 at 10:26 pm (1 year ago)

    Happy Annversary!! I did the same with my wedding dress. Somethings classic I knew if always love, and I’ve worn it numerous times since and still love it! Also I hear it’s cool to celebrate number 11 with a trip to Europe 😉 ;). It’s funny how God works the timing of our lives and when we are first married we just think 10 years is so far away and then boom it comes so quickly. You guys are an awesome couple! Happy decade.


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