Another month gone at the speed of light


This month has brought out lots of personality from Miss Sibs, smiling, giggling, and frowning (when frightened)

She is easier than ever, now that we’ve figured out a good rhythm of eating about every three hours; the first hour of that being awake and then the last two sleeping.  She’s given me some wonderful stretches of sleep at night, although it’s not consistent from night to night, I’ll take it!  (God must have known I would need an easy baby right now)


To be put to sleep, she does not prefer to be rocked (like Bea did), but will accept it if you force it on her (i.e Me when I’m feeling nostalgic about the fleeting nature of babyhood).

She’s all the things you could want in a baby: a good traveler, good eater, good companion, good sleeper, and she’s pretty cute too ;).  I think we’ll keep her.

MG, as we have always known as the baby whisperer, is truly in her element at age 5.5 with a 2 month old.  She knows how to calm her down, inserts paci as needed, and volunteers to watch her for me while I shower or make dinner.  What will I ever do when she goes to kindergarten?


As far as looks, I can see a lot of similarities to both girls, still.  It just depends on the day and the look.  It’s fun to see some of each as Bea looked nothing like MG to me, so this is the first time I’ve been able to compare them.


I can’t help but feel she is getting a little gypped right now, given our current circumstances.  I am often harried and frazzled trying to manage the needs of three and N gets to spend so little time with her.  I feel sad that I don’t get to sit and enjoy her more, but thankfully this season is almost over.  It’s also possibly a blessing as I also don’t have time to mourn what we are losing.  Survival mode is rough but it does force you to block out almost everything negative.

Sibby, you are the perfect addition to our family.  I prayed a lot about this before you came; that you would develop a deep relationship with your sister and that your personality would add spark to our family.  I can already see how God is answering those and more.  

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