Ah, the three month mark and everything is golden.  We have hastily exited the fourth trimester as they call it and I have noticed a very big difference in our girl this month alone. About halfway through, she began acting a lot less newborn.  She doesn’t need to be held when awake, she occasionally puts herself to sleep if desperate enough, and she’s got herself on a pretty good wake, eat, play, sleep, schedule.

Speaking of sleep, can I get a hallelujah for another good sleeper?  She takes cat naps as if on cue, about an hour after waking up from the last one.  In the afternoon, she takes the longest nap, and I usually wake her up at the three hour mark.  Then at night, I often cluster feed her, with the last feeding around 8pm and on good nights, she’ll wake up only once to eat.  On great nights, she will sleep till about 6 or 7am (without eating again)!!! (however, two or more feedings = terrible nights)

Her neck and ab muscles have gotten a lot stronger.  She is swinging her legs over occasionally as if she is gearing up to roll over (back to belly).  Her head pretty well stays up without bobbling around and when on her belly, she can do a pretty mean cobra pose.

She loves to be talked to and will reward you with happy eyes and a gummy smile.  She tries to “talk” to us a lot with her rumbly, throaty, noises and semi-giggles.  We’ve gotten a lot of good laughs out of her this month, especially if we try when she’s recently had a full belly.  It doesn’t take much tickling to get these laughs but she will even give them to us if we make funny faces and noises at her.

A good portion of her awake time is spent on her back, making air snow angels and watching what’s going on around her.

I  feel towards her like I do my other two.  She has solidly become a part of our family over the past three months, no longer a stranger and suddenly very tangible.

Three months also means:

-wearing 6-9 month jammies (long AND big…14lbs, 23.75″!)

-really, really fluffy thighs

-rolls that have to be pried apart to clean

-more aware of noises when asleep, but still a good sleeper

-still not a burden to carry around (due to weight)

-starting to scoot on her back because her feet are finding contact with the floor

-very, very smiley

Despite this golden start, our lives have been pretty tumultuous starting with her birth and not really slowing down since.  Our lives were on pause just waiting for labor to begin…then we went from induction, to travel/interviews (both in IN and TN), Sibby’s sickness, putting the schoolhouse on the market, vacation, N starting his new job, showings, looking at houses in TN and then buying one, getting MG off to kindergarten, to packing and gearing up for a move.  Either we are crazy or we will be by the end of all of this 🙂

But my sweet Sibby, she has been my constant source of joy throughout it all.  I sometimes questioned God’s timing of bringing her into our lives when He knew how busy things were going to get, but I get it now.  Like I said in the story of her sickness, God proved himself faithful and merciful and whenever I begin to doubt, she is a very fresh and real reminder of that.

Sweet Sib, you have been my sunshine on bright days and also when clouds are very gray.  God knew exactly what He was doing when and how He brought you into our family.  I can’t get enough of your sweet smiles and warm temperament.  God has already used your life at such a young age and I know He has more big plans in store for you. 

With all my love,



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