MG: MG seems to have found her schooling niche.  Pre-K was fraught with a bit of anxiety, annoyances, and skepticism (by her), but kindergarten has been an exciting change for the better.  Her teacher told us this week that she is just now beginning to see some of her personality come out.  I’m not surprised that it took our quiet, not-quite-wallflower nearly three months to come out of her shell, but I’m so glad that she feels comfortable enough to be herself.

Each week I get so excited about what she’s learning and her academic growth.  She is teetering on the cusp of reading and it is so exciting to be this close.  I could cry when I think about all the good that that one milestone will bring to her life.

She is still ever-enthused with little Sib and seeks to mother her whenever possible. I love having her helpful and capable hands around in the afternoons and weekends.  Her personality adds a sweet dynamic to our family.  Her younger years saw a lot of ups and downs in her emotional aura but as she’s gotten older, and especially this year, she is still sensitive but not to her detriment.  

Bea:  I know I’ve said this before, but Bea and I have really become buds this year.  Our hands were some what forced into this, but it’s only been for the best.  Previously to this summer and the separation of our family, I admittedly only saw her in the shadow of her older sister.  Now I’ve been able to see her as more of an individual and her personality has been a sweet blessing during these turbulent times.  

With her older sister away at school most of the day, she has stepped in to be a great helper with Sibby and is pretty good at keeping her entertained when she’s crying and I can’t immediately tend to her.  But ultimately I think her bleeding heart will lean towards animals.  She is much more sympathetic to their cause.  

I’ve also been impressed with how well she has been able to entertain herself lately, as I find myself all too often feeding and rocking Sibby, among other household responsibilities.  It’s been good for her to learn how to play by herself, a quality most middle children probably don’t get much time to develop as they are often being interrupted by their bookends.  She has three favorite pastimes that she mostly rotates between: 1) puzzles 2) this cupcake game (she likes to play with the cupcakes not the actual game yet)  and 3) a cat play set that has 5 cat figurines and paraphernalia to go along with.  

It often seems that when one child is being “difficult”, the other child or children will inherently become easier.  This is especially true of us right now that Bea has become my saving grace with Sibby’s present difficulties.

Sibs:  Whoa months four and five have been rough, with little sleep and a lot of strong tears (on her end).  I can’t help but wonder if she’ll be my “little girl who has a little curl”.  When she’s easy, she an angel, but when she’s difficult, she’ll keep you up all night.  We’ll get in our groove soon, I can feel it.  But in the meantime, I’m just trying to hang on and catch sleep whenever I can.  My sanity breaks have been making clothes for her in the afternoon while Bea is having her rest time.  It’s good for me to have a creative outlet that only takes “a naptime or two to complete” and stretches my brain a bit.  

Me:  The lack of sleep has set me back quite a bit. I’m normally a very routined, scheduled person, and this baby has thrown all that out the past two months.  It’s hard not to feel like everything else is reeling because of it.  But I know as soon as we get back into a good rhythm, I will feel so much better about life again.  I guess that’s a benefit you get being a third-time mom.  A bit of perspective that I definitely did not have on baby one.  

In the meantime, out the window with my sleep has gone: the ability to write (I’ve thought of a lot of good blog posts just at very inconvenient times and then when I sit down to write them, the words won’t form), reading (there are so many books I want to get to right now but at this stage in life, reading has become my ultimate luxury, afforded only when everything is balanced just so), some responsibility (thankfully N has been a huge help with planning and cooking meals, and cleaning). I’m also feeling a bit socially inept.  I have good intentions of getting plugged in down here, but right now getting my baby to sleep feels like the ultimate priority.  I’m trying to tow the line between: this is my last baby so I want to fully enjoy this stage and be a hermit, and time’s a wasting to develop real friendships.  Losing sleep always makes me notice how I become a bad conversationalist, how incoherent I am, and consequently how I become socially stunted without even trying.  So I guess this timing is for the best.

House:  We’ve done one successful house project: adding a fence!  All others have been placed on hold until more time is afforded.  As far as little things such as hanging pictures, we only have two more left to put up!  And we finally hung the curtains last weekend and I think my enjoyment of the house went up at least 10%.  It just made the house feel so much homier.  

It is so crazy to me to think about it this way, but three years ago yesterday, we were still living in our very first house.  Yes, that means we have moved three times in three years (to the bat house, to the schoolhouse, to Nashville).  

In many ways, I feel like I am still in triage from all the complications of those.  Trying to fit all of the decorations for one house into a new one, a new one, a new one.  I’m kind of tired of trying to re-think whole rooms.  Tired of picturing how to paint a whole house.  Tired of re-working a big girl room over and over and over.  I am anxious to get and FEEL settled but I am also tired.  Physically and creatively.  I think that’s why sewing has been such a retreat for me lately.  Quick and compact.  

So are the effects of transition, but better that than boredom, I guess!


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  1. Amy
    November 2, 2016 at 10:59 pm (1 year ago)

    I loved this update post! Nieva sounds a lot like Landon with school. He’s still having anxiety about a few (new) things. I pray that he will come out of it.
    Does Lena know about Shopkins???? You may not want her to! Haha!
    I hope that Sibby will get her sleep straightened out very soon! I’m sure it’s not easy for you being in a new place and trying to get settled on no sleep!


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