(part one is really unrelated but what came out first as I started typing this post. Read here if you wish)

Eight months with our sweet Sib and this is what I know to be true:

-she has now lived longer in TN than IN

-she is a great napper but terrible night sleeper, for now

-she no longer lets us rock her to sleep, even at night.  She prefers to find her own path to the sandman.  This is 1) a bit sad to give up this rite, and 2) difficult because when she finds herself inexplicably awake between the hours of 3am-5am, not wanting to be by herself in her crib, not wanting to be in our arms to rock, and only able to eat once during this time.  So…I’m just supposed to…play with her??

-she is doing really well with the solids.  Never mind that I am trying to keep my ivory carpet free of the pumpkin orange and putrid green spit up. She’s also been able to eat little bits of cheese this month and suck fruit through a mesh strainer.  Her appetite for real food has seen a huge uptick and her interest in nursing has simultaneously decreased.

-she is full on army crawling and pretty determined to get to anything she eyes.  She has also gotten up on all fours so I think she will be “regular-crawling” this month.  It’s definitely the more efficient way for her, but also the more undesirable path for myself as it means…baby proofing, emptied cabinets, and the like.

-she is still a happy, sweet baby and we all delight in making her giggle

-she LOVES baths and will barrel roll continuously in the water while splashing and trying to drink it.  Due to her messy eating habits, she requires one nearly every evening, if not more frequently.

She has little tufts of white-blond hair, coming in rather thick this month.  She is solid in form, but not heavy.  Her legs are corpulent, as well as her puffy feet, which have very little use other than to be another object to mouth.  Her arms carry the most loose skin, as little balls of dough stack one on top of each other.  You can squeeze for a while before finding anything firm of muscle or bone. I will be sad to see these thin down as she becomes more adept at crawling.

She is Heaven wrapped up in a fleshy little babe and I’m so thankful for the thirty-five weeks she’s been ours


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