Here we are; we’ve arrived at the ten month mark!

These monthly posts always sneak up on me and I always think “Not much as really changed since the last one”, but then I sit down to type and I am awed byt the changes that can happen in a month of a little one:

-new carseat.  We have sadly parted with the baby seat that brought home each of my girls (yes, it was expired by the time Sibby got to it, but we survived!)  I will miss the tinkle of the swinging bird hanging from it, a pavlovian reminder of the first few months of their lives.  I will not miss the weight of the thing and the burdensome amount of square space it took up in our lives.  It took me until Bea’s birth to purchase a snap ‘n go stroller for it and I will miss the ease of getting the baby in and out public spaces without it.

But she really is more of an arm baby now, and soon to be walker.  It was time.  She does enjoy sitting up more, I think, in her convertible car seat.  And one more baby item has floated peacefully away from us, like a piece of driftwood in a stream.

-eating.  This month eating has been varied and not predictable.  She has developed some strong opinions about food, but I’ve yet to be able to iron them out.  She still can’t handle much texture beyond a thick puree or a water soluble puff (she is back to liking these, PTL).  We are at an enjoyable stage where she can suck right from the pouch, forgoing the spoon, also PTL.  Nursing is still frequent during the day (and sadly, night), but has become painful again with the addition of teeth.

-speaking of teeth, she has 6 now that have popped through or almost popped through.  The top and bottom four are out, with eye teeth coming through on the bottom and probably soon the top.  I blame these for our wild nights of (sometimes) waking every two hours wanting to nurse, but really, who knows what is to blame?  The child is barely allowed a moment to self-soothe during the day because every time she awakes from a nap, I need to whisk her off somewhere.  At night, she is still sleeping in her/our closet and I’d rather feed her and be done in ten minutes rather than listen to her cry off and on for an hour or more.

It’s funny that it was called the four month sleep regression, but now it was lasted for six months!  She’s been a bad sleeper far longer than an angel one.

Far from a streak, but the last two nights she has slept two four hour stretches before crying out, so I am hoping the bit of sleep training I added in has curbed the worse-than-newborn every two hour phase.

-flexible movement.  She can go from belly to bottom or bottom to all fours very easily.  She is crawling 50% of the time now, with the other half of the time, preferring her belly (perhaps our new hardwood floors have a little to do with this).  She’s also getting practice with her fine motor skills, picking up puffs (or little bits off the floor), and bringing them to her open mouth.  I hope the crawling does not soon melt away her fluffy thighs and squishy arms.

She’s been doing this a while, but I still find it cute: finding and then rearranging her paci in her mouth.  It just seems so grown-up.

-No longer easily taking naps in our arms, we decided to put her in the church nursery the past two Sundays.  She has taken well to it.  This isn’t her first nursery experience, as she’s been going to child watch at the gym since about 4 months old, but still feels significant.  So far, she’s been my easiest with separation anxiety symptoms, but of course we’re not completely out of the woods yet.

Mercifully, with Sibby I don’t usually get sad about the vestiges of babyhood slipping away. Oddly, I think this is a true sign that she i our last; I find myself often more excited about the future than reminiscent of the past.  But, every once in a while, most especially when I think about how fast this year with her has gone, it cuts me quick.  This year was an unusual one and I do believe it stole some baby moments from me (and some from MG, who was separated from her baby sister for about 4 weeks).  That I do begrudge it.

But I will not told it against you, forever, just a small thing that sometimes comes to mind as I’m drifting to sleep each night.

(and then when I am awoken two hours later, I am wistful no more).


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  1. Sherry Miley
    March 26, 2017 at 6:23 pm (11 months ago)

    Love the pictures! She is so very beautiful. PTL for the 4 hours sleep for you and her. Continuing to enjoy your writing. Sherry


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