Okay, so I’ve already admitted I would prefer another little girl next.

But in just a few short hours, we will be handed our true fate.
What do the Old Wives think I’m having?
String Test: side-to-side motion…verdict: GIRL
Dream Test: 1 girl dream, 2 boy dreams…verdict: BOY
Chinese Calendar: verdict: BOY
Heartbeat Theory: all have been 140 or above…verdict: GIRL
Baking Soda Test: very fizzy….verdict: BOY
Ramzi Theory: baby was hanging out on the left….verdict: GIRL
Cravings: salty and sour, no taste for sweets…verdict: BOY
Key Test: picked it up from the top…verdict: BOY
Morning Sickness: extreme…verdict: GIRL
Carrying: high….verdict: GIRL
Sibling’s First Word: “dadda”….verdict: BOY
Sibling’s Hair line: straight across….verdict: GIRL
Bread Theory: no heels for me….verdict:GIRL
Beauty Theory: stolen….verdict: GIRL
Sympathy Belly Theory: Dad is as skinny as ever…verdict: BOY
Nose Theory: nose has stayed the same…verdict: GIRL
Of course, all of these have about a 50% accuracy rate, except the Ramzi test which is supposed to have an over 90% accuracy…but it’s really hard to correctly determine, so there is still some guessing involved.
What do I think I’m having?
At first, I was convinced it was a girl.  Mostly because all of my symptoms/cravings, etc, were the same.  But ever since about 15 weeks, I can’t get the thought of blue out of my head.  Maybe because I’ve still been feeling sick.  Maybe because I am trying to prepare myself.
Either way, we will know shortly.  Unfortunately, the news will not be public until after Christmas, as we are going to use this unique opportunity to tell all of our family in person.  But check in shortly after and we will post the big news.   Reaction to come too, of course.  The only thing I ask is if it is a boy, please don’t assume that I am sad.  It is impossible to predict how I will feel at the news (either direction), but I promise I will post my honest reaction at some point. And I highly doubt that I will feel anything under a shade of slight disappointment (mourning of course, the things I listed on Wednesday), followed by some warming up to the idea, followed by sheer excitement.  After all, we were dead wrong last time and look how happy we were now.  That, and you have to admit, having the element of surprise of something new and different is pretty cool too.
So, what do you think I’m having?


2 Comments on Blue or Pink, what do you think?

  1. Rachel Jones
    December 26, 2012 at 1:04 am (5 years ago)

    I say boy – not sure why, prob bc we had girl and then boy 🙂

  2. Rachel Jones
    December 26, 2012 at 1:04 am (5 years ago)

    I say boy – not sure why, prob bc we had girl and then boy 🙂


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