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If you’ve followed along for any length of time with our baby names, you know that we like to give “classic” names (i.e. super common and some would even say boring!) to our darling daughters.  We like that these names span the bridge of time and wear well at different ages (at least so *we* think).  We also like the flexibility they will HOPEFULLY give our girls in their future job markets as they will have names befitting a schoolteacher, hairdresser, lawyer, nurse, author, or anything in between.

This is going to be another obvious clue, both because of our naming history but also because I teased it last time.

With that being said, because of our desire to be unique,

Clue #4: This baby will have a creative nickname mined from her given name

We have chosen to give all of our girls more un-common nicknames.  This baby will follow suit.  Some of their nicknames are more loosely taken than others, but we have found that people will call your child what you ask them to. And even with school starting and lots of formal papers to fill out, so far the nickname vs. formal name has never really been an issue.

We also like names that have a variety of nicknames to pull from because it gives our girls lots of naming flexibility in the future.  Or, they could always revert back to their formal name should they get tired of explaining the nickname.  Either is fine with us.  Because our girls’ nicknames are more unique and their first names are more common, I like that they have the versatility to change them down the road if they like one over the other…Or if they prefer a more common nickname.  Essentially we have given our babies names at birth but with a small bit of flexibility to age with them.

A small hint…Both her first name and nickname have a different starting letter than all of our first names and nicknames.  This was a challenge I took upon myself, and one I was willing to give up if the right name didn’t strike us (or struck us as starting with an E or something), but I am just a little more satisfied with her name knowing it doesn’t share a common first letter with any of the rest of us.

I was really drawn to names that are variants of Mary…Marion, Marin, and like I said last time, names that started with an E.  I also found myself having to say nicknames next to all our other nicknames so that I didn’t have any that were too matchy-matchy.  I found myself trying out names that had -by or -ena in them before realizing we already had that.  I’m also a sucker for names with -v’s in them, i.e. Evy.

But we found our unicorn despite these limits and that’s one of the main reasons I kept coming back to it, despite trying on a bunch of others for size.  Only about 6-ish more weeks until the big reveal!  Hang in there…


Clue #5


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