Clue #3

Clue #4

I mentioned in Clue #3 that Evelyn is a name I fell in love with and strongly considered for this baby.  I still love it, despite the fact that it is REALLY popular right now and only seems to be trending upward. Ultimately, we decided to go with a different name (for several different reasons, as mentioned in the other clues), and

Clue #5: Both of this baby’s first and second names could be considered vintage/classic

This girl’s first & second names that we chose instead were both really popular in the early 1900’s but have tapered off a bit. In line with our other girls’ given names, though, they are considered “classic” so even when they are not peaking in the top 10, they are names every generation will be very familiar with and, I believe, age well (Which is important to me).

Hint: Since these are both classic names, we have met a few people through the years that have both of these names as given first names.  Neither of us ever had a student with either of these names though.  One name tends to lend itself more to a white-haired generation, and the other to a young (think baby) generation.

Halfway there…


Clue #6


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