Clue #4

Clue #5

One thing you’ll note about our other girls’ names is that they all pay tribute to at least one family member (sometimes we’ve been able to squeeze multiple in there.  It helps when some family members share the same name!)

Clue #6: We do like to name our babies after family, both those living, and sometimes those we never knew from our family tree.  This baby will be no different.

Even though liking the name is obviously a first determinant for us, it is important to us that our girls feel a sense of legacy in their names.  We hope that whenever they take a careful look at their given names, they will realize that they come from a line that is much bigger than our own family of 6.  And that this realization will be a source of both comfort and empowerment.

I’ve said/complained before that this name was more of a challenge for us because we did not go into the pregnancy with ideas already generated (other than the ever-revolving Notes section on my phone, plainly entitled “names”).  The night we found out we were pregnant, we sat down with our big family Bible and poured over both of our family trees.  One of the people we had talked about honoring was my grandpa, who’s name is Erwin.  Not exactly a crowd-pleasing name, right?  My sister suggested us using Winn/Wynn, which N really liked, but I had just known someone to use that name and also didn’t love any longer names for Winn (you know me and nicknames).  After some further mulling over, we did, somewhat haphazardly, find a way to still pay tribute to him.  And this lucky little girl’s name will also pay tribute to one other family member, yet to be (formally) named.

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Clue #7

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