Clue #5

                                                                     Clue #6

When we couldn’t quite come up with an initial match in our family tree (as mentioned last week), we decided to, ahem, branch out, and consider places of importance or significant meanings.

One name I’ve had on my list forever is Louise or something Lou-related.  I liked the significance to the city we were married in (St. Louis).   I also tried to finagle a way to get us to the nickname Indy, a tribute to the birthplace of our relationship and early years of marriage.

Another place I looked were lessons we had been taught this year, hoping to bury a memory in the meaning of her name. I spent a long time really pouring over baby name meanings like never before.

Clue #7: In the past, they were more of an afterthought, but this time name meaning played a central role.  

Each of her given two first names AND her nickname hold a certain value to us because of what they mean.  I think that’s why I finally was able to say, “this is the one”, because not only did this name fit our other criteria (as mentioned in clues previous), but I also loved the significance of the meaning behind it.  It was the moment everything finally gelled together.

I hope these clues are keeping your interest.  Only three more to go (or maybe less if this baby decides to make an early appearance!)  The countdown is starting to get exciting!


Clue #8

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