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The summer days are quickly winding down.  The strange thing is, the dog days haven’t even hardly begun yet…at least here anyway.

Tomorrow is our anniversary (9 years–woohoo!) and it always seems to be a marker for the beginning of the end of our summer.  N has already had a few days he’s put in and we kind of flounder around without him in a weird, unstructured, depressed kind of way.   I kind of forget all of my SAHM experience and have to re-learn how to single-parent again.  MG is especially aware of his absence on the days he is gone and I’m not really sure how to prepare her to do this full time again.

This year will also be the start of official pre-school for her.  I know I should be excited, and I am sure she will love it, but this too also feels like a definitive marker.  Soon she will no longer be fully mine.

I’m dreading all of these small changes that will be here in less than a month.  It seems that the first few weeks of August are one of the busiest times of work for N and we lose our little, tight-knit family for a while.  It’s painful at first and I get anxious thinking about what it will look like.

Grandma Mary cleaned out her sewing box (she said she’s retiring :)) and gave me the contents.  I found quite a few treasures (the bag of buttons was especially exciting) and set to work almost immediately on the first inspiration that struck me.

IMG_2408 IMG_2422


The poms & fawn patch both came from her box, the straps from a friend’s yard sale, and the fabric was from my stash.  This is one of my favorite projects I’ve made because it’s so meaningful.


This past weekend we took a short little weekend trip to Chattanooga.  We trailblazed down I-65 at a snail’s pace, stopping more often than I’d like to remember for construction and road blocks.  But we made it to Chattanooga by dinner time on Friday night and that Southern Chick-fil-a with all of the double-first-named soft-drawling children running around (and another MG!!!) was plenty to revive our travel-worn spirits.


Saturday was spent swimming, eating out, lots of family time, and a movie in the park to top it off.  MG is definitely our movie girl.  She is riveted by anything on a screen and pays close attention to the plot line.


I set a lofty goal for myself to make (sew) the majority of MG’s fall wardrobe (Bea already has a large wardrobe of hand-me-downs, but I’ll make a few coordinating things for her too).   I’ve been day dreaming some ideas that include corduroy, velvet, stretchy denim, and structured shirts.  Wish me luck!

I found a deeply discounted Scan N Cut at my favorite TN store Essex…AKA Bargain Hunt.  My brother-in-law spotted it first and in my memory, he carries it across the store to me, holding it high above his head in a victory march.  I have been wanting one of these things forever but could never swallow the price tag.  As soon as I got home, I began playing around with it and my imagination is exploding with ideas.  I’m trying not to ignore my family too much 😉 so I can tackel it.

I’m (slowly) reading Go Set a Watchman.  I’m still early into it, so I haven’t encountered the controversial Atticus yet, but I am especially struck by her talent as an author.  Ms. Lee can tell a story.  That is my number one aspiration with this blog, to be a teller of my girls’ stories until they are old enough to take over.



Daily Rhythms: A Day in the Life

I thought it would be fun to take an entire day’s worth of occurrences and record them both in picture and written form.  On a whim last week I chose Tuesday, July 15, 2014.

Although a summer Wednesday looks very different from a school year Wednesday, this Wednesday was a very common one for us.

6:40am: Begin to hear rumblings from Bea.  N graciously gets up with her around 6:50am to let me sleep in a little after a late night.

7:08am:  I am up for good and can’t afford to sleep in much more anyway as I have a full day ahead and I remember N has to leave soon.

Breakfast: for me it’s a fried egg, rice chex & pb.  I have a serious debate with myself over whether or not to have coffee (just the decaf as I don’t do caffeine anymore but I still wonder if I will be able to enjoy and drink it all before it turns cold).

Bea is miserable.  Teeth?

7:34am: empty dishwasher, hear scuffle and simultaneous screams from next room.  Bea has bitten MG.  MG claims it’s because she was trying to keep Bea from destroying one of my artworks that is on the floor (waiting to be hung).  I half believe her, half don’t.  The only time Bea has bitten her has been when she has deserved it.

8:00am: Dress both girls and put Bea down for a nap.  MG immediately puts on her dress up clothes on top of what I have picked out for her.

Turn on a show for MG (veggie tales) and begin to clean up the kitchen.  Wipe counters, sweep floors.  Prefer this

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because of the way it smells, although I have been known to use something much less frou frou (like vinegar and water).

Decide to do the coffee after all, check email, make packing list, scroll through IG and Pinterest.  Read up on decorating trends for 2014.  Decided I really, really need some macrame in my life.

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9:30am: Wake Bea up, change her, bring the girls downstairs.  Put MG to work prepping snack cups, half-heartedly watch Bea rip into a clean cabinet, make plans to meet up with some friends at Taylor Lake in about an hour, gather sand/water toys


Try this technique for cutting grapes in Bea’s snack cup.  Works like a charm

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10am: Load up stroller, toys, and girls, and drive to the indoor track.

After much debate, MG has decided to bring her stroller (vs. bike) and circles the track while I run.

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11:15am: Drive down to the lakefront.  It is a breezy 70 degrees so we didn’t bring swim gear.  We are the first ones to arrive and MG plops down and begins to dig.  Bea just wants to explore.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

11:30am: Friends begin to arrive and MG is regretting not having her swimsuit.  I am able to mostly convince her that it is too cold.  Bea just wants to explore

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

12pm: Bea sits for 20 seconds to eat SOMEONElse’s lunch.  I decide it is probably time to leave

12:15pm: Come home, wash feet and hands, make lunch.  Cashews, gf pretzels, cherries, cheese sticks, and garden fresh zucchni for the girls.  I get a half-hamburger (leftovers), apple, and grapes added to my plate.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

We keep the windows open and give the AC a break


N lets me know he is on the way home.  I send him this MG lunch snippet:

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

1:00pm: I put MG to work cleaning up.  She sweeps, I vacuum.  Then she wants to vacuum too.


1:12pm: The doorbell rings.  It is the fireplace guy, coming to give us an estimate for a fireplace makeover.

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1:17pm: The doorbell rings again, it is a bike seat and helmets (amazon delivery) for our bikes!  (too bad we found all these things two days later at Essex/Bargain Hunt for much cheaper)

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1:20pm: After showing the fireplace guy around, I excuse myself and put the girls down for a nap.

1:24pm: N arrives home (he had spent the day with an old friend building us a chicken coop!!!!)

….and we listen to the fireplace estimate.  Dang, more than we thought.  Curse home renos everywhere.

1:33pm: MG comes down in her “dress-ups” and is very happy to see Daddy.  She asks him to read her a story.  He promises her he will come up when he is done with the estimate.

2:05pm: The guy leaves and N goes upstairs, as promised.  I type out this blogpost, do some calisthenics like planks and sit-ups (while watching a reality show).

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3:57pm: All is quiet upstairs and I find MG asleep in her nap room, dressed like this.  I begin the process of waking her up.  One of her high heels falls on the stairs as I carry her down to my bed.  I shower, hoping the noise will keep her awake.


It doesn’t.

4:20pm: I lay down next to her on the bed and rub her back while finishing this book.  As I am turning the final pages I realize it’s going to be a while before I read a book this satisfyingly good.

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4:40pm: N comes up to see about the girls.  MG is finally awake and Bea is beginning to stir.  He takes over while I wrap this present for baby Grey (Baby Grey Delphine Powell was born very prematurely to some dear friends of ours from college).  She is a miracle and so far, doing amazingly well!  The original shower was planned to be in MI but after Grey made her early arrival they changed it to Louisville to be near her parents.  We made plans to attend on our way back from a visit to my grandparents but while we were down there, MG picked up a bug that was making the rounds and we scurried back home before infecting anyone else)

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4:47pm: N takes the girls over to visit with the neighbors while I heat up dinner (burgers again)

He calls me to ask if I care if they ride the horses.


6:00pm: They come back and we sit down to eat.  MG spies her new helmet and insists on wearing it until bedtime


6:40pm: We drive over to the library to pick up a book on hold (me) and drop off some books before we leave for our trip.  MG still has her helmet on.

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7:15pm: We are back home to bathe and jammy the girls.  N reads stories to MG while I nurse and cuddle Bea. I try to rock her to sleep.  She isn’t having it.

7:30pm: I put the day’s diapers in the wash

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7:37pm: I begin working my way through the packing list, including a bag of toys and a bag of snacks for the car.

Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset Processed with VSCOcam with t1 preset

9:45pm: We both collapse into bed and I start this novel.

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…and that’s a wrap.